Jeyanthinather Academy of Marine Studies

is a part of SPET and it is approved by DGS (Directorate General of Shipping – Government of India) on August 2015. Jeyanthinather Academy of Marine Studies (JAMS) is situated in a sprawling 30 acres campus with a panoramic view. Nature is generous in lending a lush green outlook and greenery of the college. JAMS are ideally located adjoining sea in a sprawling campus with well-furnished class rooms, modern teaching aids, seamanship/engineering laboratory and technical library. Having located near to thisaiyanvilai, our Marine College utilizes the facilities of Thoothukudi Port Trust as well as M/s. Poompuhar Shipping Corporation and shipping companies.


The college is integrates multiple facilities required for a modern marine institution.


Measurable quality objectives are established appropriately to cover specified functions and levels. These are specific targets of results to be achieved. Targets are specified quantitatively with a time frame and they are consistent with quality policy.

V.S. Ganesan,
From the Desk of Chairman
Breathing easily I delve into the vistas of introducing Jeyanthinather Academy of Marine Studies (JAMS) at the portals of marine education. Notwithstanding the long wait for a marine college at the southern tip of Tamil Nadu, I am sure the knowledge thirsty youth of today will welcome the birth of Jeyanthinather Academy of Marine Studies (JAMS) in their midst set at the backdrop of lush green lawns with a panoramic view JAMS is all set for a smooth take off.

Ch.Eng.S.Gerald Rajan
Welcome to Jams
JAMS bring with it a reputation that has been earned through years of serving the career – needs of the student’s community. It is a reputation for excellence and innovation among coveted employers for preparing mariners who have the knowledge and skills they need for their success in their workplace. There are many reason to choose JAMS. Our mariners go on to great careers; we are hands on and responsive in our teaching. We provide a great environment to study and apply in the work place.